About Us  關於我們

NAKEDFOOD bases its food philosophy on the belief that a healthy life should not only be an artful one but should also indulge in flavor and satisfaction.


At NAKEDFOOD, we develop and teach raw cuisine workshops, host private dining events as well as wine, olive oil and tea tastings, paired with our delectable line of cultured tree nut cheeses and raw canapés. We also provide catering services customized to your needs and presented to impress.

Our mission is to share our passion for food in the most engaging and mouth-watering ways possible whilst always having “community” as the foundational aspect of everything we do. Our main objective is to make NAKEDFOOD the primary learning, collaboration, meeting-and-eating destination for curious and adventurous eaters in Taipei.




裸食的任務就是致力於創作最令人垂涎的美味來分享我們的熱情,而我們不變的核心理念是”以美食連結社群”,讓所有充滿好奇心和冒險精神的台北食客們,每當想到學習、合作或是好友相聚用餐小酌時,總會第一個浮現腦海的私廚空間 – NAKEDFOOD裸食!