Meet Us 認識我們

NAKEDFOOD was founded by raw food chef Prashantha Lachanna and architect Leiven Hwang. Together they have made a special place for creating and tasting gourmet and gorgeous raw food.

裸食私廚由生機美食主廚 Prashantha Lachanna 和建築師黃立文共同創
立,透過雙方共有的熱情,激盪出一個不可思議的美妙空間 – 裸食私廚。


Prashantha Lachanna

Me 我

A graduate of the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, I have been a raw food chef and teacher for the past three years. My introduction to raw cuisine occurred naturally as I was looking for consistently healthier ways eat and sustain myself. Experiencing raw cuisine and seeing its effects on my body encouraged me to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could. My university degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Arts and so naturally, the progression towards becoming a raw food chef was an expression of my love for art as well.

我畢業於南非Matthew Kenney學院,過去三年擔任裸食主廚與教學的工作。跟裸食的相遇是個很自然的過程,當時我正在尋找能自己持續實行的健康生機飲食方式,經果一段時間的親身體驗,感受它為身體帶來的改變之後,鼓勵我積極地深入探索與學習。在大學我主修藝術表演,所以很自然地,在裸食的廚藝展現,也成為我所熱愛的藝術表達。

Naked 裸食

Naked (raw) food is healthy and artful. My intention when working with naked food is to please the heart, mind and belly. I enjoy working with unique ingredients and combining flavours that may not otherwise be thought of. The biggest respect you can pay to food is to let its own natural flavours rise up and sing. I love surprising people when it comes to showing the true potential of gourmet naked (raw) cuisine. When we respect food, food respects us back.


You 你

This level of artistry is reflected in every dish that we present at all our naked food events at NAKEDFOOD. We hope you feel our strives towards excellence in the food we present and service we give to you as our honoured customers. We are passionate about meeting you, teaching you and feeding you only the best, most natural, beautiful and healthy cuisine we can.

我們將這樣的藝術投注在每一道裸食美食,呈現於每一場在裸食私廚的餐宴與活動中。希望你 – 我們珍視的客人,能感受到我們在呈現給你的美食與服務上追求至臻完美的用心。我們熱切期待遇你見面,以最精湛的廚藝教你做菜、為你下廚,只給你最天然、最優美、最健康的裸食。

Leiven Hwang 黃立文

Me 我

Spaces affect us in so many unseen ways. Beyond how we might perceive them aesthetically or use them functionally, the spaces and places which surround us have the potential to move and inspire us.  My path in architecture has been to help my clients create buildings and spaces that manifest such potential to the fullest and in paradigm-shifting ways that open new possibilities.


Naked 裸食

In the same way that our philosophy of food is to allow its raw, vibrant nature to shine, the design of the space reflects a sense of raw nakedness and also a sense of experimentation with an intentional refinement that shines the spotlight on the food.


You 你

The moment you enter NAKEDFOOD, the space begins to entice with a sense of titillation for the food to come.  Once into the space, its clean lines and open vistas allow you to settle into delight in the stunning experience of the cuisine.

We invite you to come indulge in our passion!