音樂表演 Radio Rose : Two Way Mirror


音樂表演 Radio Rose : Two Way Mirror

日期 Date: 16/07/2017 (July 16)
時間 Time:16:00 – 18:00 (15 min break)
訂位期限 Last booking date:15/07/2017 (15 July)
費用 Price : NT 500 (includes 1 drink)
人數上限 Guest Limit : 30
* 由於活動食材皆須提前準備,採預約報名制,報名期限食15/07/2017。15/07/2017以後的報名取消無法退款。
Tickets must be bought in advance, and the registration deadline is July 15, 2017. Cancellations after July 15, 2017 will not be refunded.

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Product Description

Radio Rose 是一位來自加拿大的創作歌手,她住在台北三年了! 她寫歌超過10年了。今年夏天在看: 以前的歌有什麼樣的感覺,而最近寫的歌有什麼不同? 7月16日的表演要分開兩段: 第一段,她要唱她最久前寫的歌,並分享此歌的背後故事。第二段,她要唱最新寫的歌,全部都是今年寫的歌, 然後觀眾會有機會通過一種「回饋卡」告訴她哪些歌最好聽。

Radio Rose : Two Way Mirror

Rose Goossen is a Taipei musician of Canadian origins who has been paying rent in the tower of song for more than a decade. This special summer concert comprises two sets of original music: The first collection of songs is retrospective; examining the arc of the past and the stories that have been ossified in verse, as well as the songwriting techniques that have influenced these first ten years of creative output.
The second collection is entirely new songs, all of which have been composed over the last eight months. Each audience member will be provided with a feedback card and invited to cast a vote regarding which songs should be included on the next set of recordings.