椰子香料工作仿Emily Quah! & Spice Workshop with Emily Quah!


  1. 活動名稱 Event : Coconut and Spice Workshop with Emily Quah
    日期 Date : 24/04/2016 (星期日) 14:30~16:30
    訂位期限 Last booking date: 22/04/2016 or full
    費用 Price : NT1500
    人數上限 Guest Limit : 20

* 由於活動食材皆須提前準備,採預約報名制,不接受當日付費報名。 Tickets must be bought in advance. Cancellations after the 22nd, will not be refunded. 

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Product Description

Emily Quah是一位剛搬來台北一年半的美食作家與料理呈現設計師。在馬來西亞出生,旅居海外多年的她,在新加坡、紐約、巴黎、倫敦等地發掘了她對歐洲、遠東與美式料理的熱情。Emily嫁給了台灣巴西混血的老公,並幫助他撰寫巴西料理書

Emily Quah is a food writer and food stylist who relocated to Taipei a year and half ago. She grew up in Malaysia but spent many years living abroad in Singapore, New York, Paris and London, during which time she developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the exciting cuisines of Europe, the Far East and the Americas. Emily is also married to a Brazilian Taiwanese and has helped to write a book on Brazilian cuisine.

Emily在倫敦的Leiths School of Food and Wine烹飪學院進修並贏得2004 BBC電視台Good Food的獎項。畢業後,她以美食作家與料理呈現設計師並為多家雜誌、電視公司、出版業工作。她也曾經有六年的時間以食譜設計師、食譜試吃家、美食作家的職稱與迄今為止獲得14顆米其林星的Gordon Ramsay大廚還有其它米其林星級主廚像是Mark Sargeant、Jason Atherton 和Angela Hartnett共事過。Emily 現在是一位自由美食作家、料理教學家與蛋糕設計師

Emily received her chef’s training at the acclaimed Leiths School of Food and Wine in London where she won the 2004 BBC Good Food Award. Since graduating, she has worked as a food writer and food stylist for various magazines, television production companies and publishing houses. For six years, she worked as a recipe developer, recipe tester and food writer for Gordon Ramsay and other Michellin-starred chefs, to include Mark Sargeant, Jason Atherton and Angela Hartnett. Emily is now a freelance food writer, culinary instructor and cake designer.

加入我們的工作紡你就有機會學習以下這三道美味純素的泰式料理。Join us for this hands-on workshop as we learn the following three vegan Thai recipes.

  1. 泰式綠碗豆蘑菇沙拉
  2. 香料叻沙豆腐
  3. 純素泰國青檸起士蛋糕
  1. Green Bean and Marinated Mushroom Salad with Thai Dressing
  2. Vegan Laksa with Tofu and Fresh Herbs
  3. Vegan Kaffir Lime Cheesecake

工作坊課程將以中英雙語進行,名額僅20位。Bilingual in Chinese and English. 20 seats only.




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