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PURE Yoga x NKDFOOD 整全瑜珈:消化促進(Yoga for Digestion)


Workshop Name: Yoga for Digestion

日期 Date: 03 March, 2018
時間 Time: 14:30 – 17:00
訂位期限 Last booking date: 01 March, 2018
費用 Price :  免費/ free (NT 500 refundable deposit)
人數上限 Guest Limit : 14
 * 500元押金距離活動前48小時不能退款,但當天活動結束後將會退還給您們。
NT 500 will be refunded on the day of the workshop. No refund within 48 hours of the workshop.

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Product Description


健康的消化系統是活力來源及幸福生活的基石, 當消化失去平衡, 我們會感到昏昏欲睡, 容易生病, 甚至體重過重或過輕。瑜珈體位法中的扭轉、前後彎、呼吸練習對全身及消化系統皆有療癒功效。本堂75分鐘特別課程著重於瑜珈體位法、自我腹部按摩、呼吸及冥想來支持及維護健康的消化系統。加入我們一起伸展, 一起實踐健康的飲食, 創造一個更有活力更健康的你。照顧好自己, 因為你值得。

Healthy digestion is a cornerstone to living a life of vitality, health and well being. When digestion is out of balance we can feel lethargic, are prone to illness and become over or under weight.  Yoga with its folds, twists, bends and breathing is therapy for the whole body, including digestion.  This specially sequenced 75 minute class and will focus on yoga poses, self abdominal massage, breathing and meditation to support and maintain a healthy digestive system.  Come take the steps of yoga and healthy diet to creating a more vibrant, energetic and healthy you.  Take good care of yourself because you are worth it.

發酵作用/ Fermentation




The immune system functions as an eco-system with many symbiotic contributors. Modern food (pasteurization) has stripped our digestive and immune systems of most of these natural, healthy, living bacteria which is why disease is so rampant, but through fermentation we can invite them back into our bodies. These micro-organisms teach the immune system how to function. These micro-organisms are the most basic, most primal of life forms.

The acids and alcohol that are created in fermentation are called “bio-preservatives”. They are single-celled organisms, which are essential to life’s processes, such as digestion and immunity. More specifically, in kimchi fermentation, they control digestive diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery. They also alleviate the digestive system complications associated with radiation and chemotherapies related to cancer treatments, prevents hyper-acidity, suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, assists in weight loss, anti-diabetic qualities (if part of a low-fat diet) and reduces gastric ulcers.

We will learn how to ferment our own veggies and talk about the best methods and conditions under which fermented foods thrive. We will also do a fermented foods tasting so you can enjoy a fresh boost of gut bacteria!