裸食工作坊 Raw Culinary Workshop

名稱/Name: 康浦茶釀工作坊 Kombucha Brewing Workshop
日期/Date: 3/12/2015 (週四) 19:00~20:00
訂位期限/Last booking date: 3/9/2015
人數上限/Availability: 20

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包含材料: 康普茶釀茶組合 (含一株年輕的菌株/酵母 + 茶葉)


We are excited to invite you to our very first workshop at NAKEDFOOD and look forward to teaching you how to brew your own Kombucha at home.

About Kombucha:

Kombucha is an enzyme and vitamin-rich fermented tea that has many health benefits for the body. Not only that, but it is delicious and refreshing! It is high in hyaluronic acid which helps connective tissues and collagen in skin stay moist and youthful.

Come and enjoy an early dinner and stay for the workshop. We will start exactly at 19:00 since we close at 20:00.

Includes: kombucha start kit (includes a young SCOBY/ Culture/ Mother + starter tea)

To get the best benefits and flavours from your home-brewed Kombucha, we recommend Tearroir teas, the pesticide-free, preservative-free, hand-picked tea we use at NAKEDFOOD.