SEEING Project Wine Night


活動名稱 Event : SEEING Project Wine Night

日期 Date: 11/03/2017
時間 Time: 19:00 – 21:00
訂位期限 Last booking date:09/03/2017
費用 Price : NT 1000
人數上限 Guest Limit : 30
* 由於活動食材皆須提前準備,採預約報名制,報名期限食09/03/2017。09/03/2017以後的報名取消無法退款。
Tickets must be bought in advance, and the registration deadline is March 09. 2017. Cancellations after March 09, 2017 will not be refunded.

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[看見Seeing計劃]說:收容所裡的毛孩子們,需要一個被看見的機 被看見了,才有離開牢籠的一天。現在就帶著你的手機,走一趟收容所,幫孩子們拍照,了解他們的故事,
一起幫助牠們找到一個家。The SEEING Project aims at helping find loving homes for shelter animals by increasing their exposure to the public eyes. They believe many more precious lives can be saved if they could be SEEN by more people. The SEEING project will help spread their existences and stories far beyond shelters’ reach.
來到裸食私廚享受一晚葡萄酒及裸食純素小點認識[看見Seeing計劃]和他們救的毛孩子們。裸食私廚會捐20%的票費給[看見Seeing計劃]讓他們能繼續救更多毛孩子們。我們也會準備美味的食物等待你!Join us at NAKEDFOOD for a night of wine and raw, vegan canapés as we learn more about the SEEING Project and about the many canine lives that they save. 20% of all ticket proceeds goes to the SEEING Project so they can continue their amazing work. We will have a delicious spread waiting for you!

名額有限。NT1000/人。聯絡:eatme@nkdfood.com or call 02-2396-2202

Standing room only. NT 1000 per person. Contact eatme@nkdfood.com or call 02-2396-2202 for tickets.