品嚐會 Tasting


活動名稱 Event /發酵堅果乳酪及葡萄酒品嚐會 Cultured Tree-Nut Cheese and Wine Tasting
日期 Date : 9/20/2015 (週日) 16:00~18:00
訂位期限 Last booking date: 9/14/2015
費用 Price : NT$1500
人數上限 Guest Limit : 35

* 由於活動食材皆須提前準備,採預約報名制,不接受當日付費報名;請確定您的時間,一旦確定付費報名,如非自然災害或不可抗力之因素而未能如期參加活動,恕不另行退費

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1. 原味胡椒發酵堅果乳酪,胡椒鑲嵌培養樹堅果乾酪,濃縮楓糖醬,濃縮巴薩米可醋醬汁,楓糖杏仁,杏乾,新鮮奧勒岡
葡萄牙阿德嘉白酒 (果香調與白桃、花香、橡木香)

2. 熟成檸檬迷迭香發酵堅果乳酪,風乾蔓越莓醬,芝麻菜芽。
南非開普之夢夏多內白酒 (蘋果與柑橘香,微辛)

3. 風乾番茄和卡拉馬塔橄欖發酵堅果乳酪,豆薯薄片,阿根廷芹香醬,甘藍菜心。
南非開普之夢品諾塔吉粉紅酒 (濃郁莓果香而略帶辛辣)

4. 紅酒洋蔥醬發酵堅果乳酪,濃縮黑皮諾醬汁,蜜糖調味核桃
南非Whale Rock Cape紅酒(中度酒體及單寧,成熟水果香氣略帶草莓的風味)

5. 新口味乳酪
5-1 發酵堅果藍乳酪,甜菜,豆薯,酪梨沙拉,大蒜,孜然。
5-2 熟成乾酪。
匈牙利 Lagona 紅酒 2012 (中度紅寶石顏色,略帶煙燻香氣,富含鮮豔紅色莓果風味)

NAKEDFOOD’s cultured tree-nut cheeses are loved by our customers. We use cashew nuts to create smooth and creamy cheeses. Absolutely NO milk is used in our vegan cheeses. We culture our cheeses for 24 hours with the use of vegan probiotics, which in turn, strengthen your digestive system with good bacteria.

We also love pairing our cultured tree-nut cheeses with delicious wines. We carefully select our wines to bring out the best in our plant-based cuisine. We feature wines from South Africa. Portugal and Hungary. We work closely with suppliers to maintain a high quality of wine at very affordable prices.

Join us as we explore the possibilities of good health and good taste. Our firm belief is that maintaining health doesn’t equate to sacrificing pleasurable dining experiences.

original peppercorn-encrusted cultured-tree-nut cheese, maple-reduction, balsamic reduction, candied almond, dried apricot, fresh oregano
Adega de Pegoes, Portugal (fruity nose with white peach, flowers and a hint of oak)

preserved lemon & rosemary cultured tree-nut cheese, dried cranberry sauce, arugula sprouts
Cape Dreams Chardonnay, South Africa (apple and citrus with a background of light spices)

sundried tomato & kalamata olive cultured tree-nut cheese, jicama paper, chimchurri, chinese kale sprouts
Cape Dreams Pinotage Rosé (an intense aroma with flavours of berries and notes of spices)

red wine onion jam cultured tree-nut cheese, pinot noir reduction, candied, spiced walnuts
Whale Rock Cape Red, South Africa (medium body and tannin, ripe fruit with hints of strawberry)

blue cultured tree-nut cheese, beet, jicama, avo salad, garlic-cumin dressing
aged tree-nut cheese
Heumann, Lagona, 2012, Hungary (medium ruby colour. fine smoky nose with bright red berries