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活動名稱: 情人節極速約會Valentine’s Day Speed Dating Fun!


活動Event: Valentine’s Day Speed Dating Fun!

日期 Date:17 March, 2018
時間 Time:18:00 – 19:00
訂位期限 Last booking date:15 March, 2018
費用 Price : NT 500 (includes a glass of red wine)
人數上限 Guest Limit : 24
* 由於活動食材皆須提前準備,採預約報名制,報名期限食15 March, 2018。15 March 以後的報名取消無法退款。
Tickets must be bought in advance, and the registration deadline is 15 March, 2018. Cancellations after 15 March will not be refunded.

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Product Description

若是擔心太緊張說不出話來,我們也準備了一副紙卡包含了有趣的約會問題或能輕易啟動對話的話題。眨眼。眨眼。 每張桌子也都有我們精選的發酵堅果乳酪,醃漬希臘橄欖和一些新鮮水果。快速約會活動結束後,我們邀請您留下來,共享美味的小吃菜單。如果你/妳喜歡某個人,您可以在一張紙上寫下他/她的名字再交給我們。我們會在一兩天內給他們發電郵,試著使你們獲得聯繫,會有更多歡樂和趣味:-)

We welcome all the lovely single men and women out there to join us in a warm, cozy and fun speed dating event at NAKEDFOOD this Valentine’s Day. We will welcome you at 18:00 with a glass of red wine and give you a 3-minute frame to get to know each date before you move on to the next one. We will also provide a stack of cards with interesting dating questions or conversation starters just in case the butterflies in your tummy get the better of you. Wink. Wink. Each table will also have a fine selection of our cultured tree nut cheese, Greek salt-brined olives and some fresh fruit. After the hour of speed dating event is up, we invite you to stay and mingle and enjoy our delicious tapas menu. If anyone takes your fancy, you can write down their name on a piece of paper and hand it back to us. We will email them in a day or two and connect the two of you together for more fun and intrigue 🙂

一個盤子 (NT 400)
#西班牙扁麵包(1 pc)
#裸食台灣小吃美食 (2 pc)
Tapas Menu (NT 400)
“Pulled Pork” Slider
Eggplant Slider
Catalan Coca (1 pc)
2 raw dumplings

全素葡萄酒(20% off)Vegan Wine (Discount 20% off)
紅酒Red Wine

Audacia Rooibos Wooded Natural Red 2015,
Stellenbosch, South Africa.
elegantly balanced palate of spices, black pepper,
wild flowers, tea leaves and hints of black fruit.
(750cc) 320/1120

白酒(20% off)White Wine (20% off)

Oxford Landing, Chardonnay, South Australia, 2016.
Fresh cut peach, hints of lemon myrtle, figs and cinnamon.
(375cc) 480

日本馨和比利時純素精釀啤酒Belgian-Inspired Raw Japanese Beer(20% off)
active, trappist yeast, no added heat treatment, scented with Sansho and Yuzu, naturally carbonated.

紅啤酒Kagua Rouge Ale 240
spicy sansho, roasted malt

白啤酒Kagua Blanc Ale 240
fresh yuzu, natural carbonation

鮮榨蔬果汁(20% off)Fresh-Pressed Juices(20% off)

橘果Orange 120
carrot. orange. lemon. ginger.

紅果 Red 120
beets. ginger. apple. lemon.

黃瓜檸檬 Cucumber Lime 160
cucumber. lime. maple syrup.


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