Kimchi 泡菜


Yes, kimchi is a mainstay of several Asian countries, but we wanted to give you a kimchi that you truly deserve: guaranteed raw, preservative-free and vegan. NAKEDFOOD highly values fermented foods as they carry the healthy bacteria, antioxidants and enzymes which assist the digestive system in regenerating itself. Kimchi contains all of the above. What’s more, kimchi is known to help the body process and decrease cholesterol and control blood sugar.

At NAKEDFOOD, our kimchi is fermented for 2 weeks and expresses bold, spectral flavours. We suggest eating it by the mouthfuls over the kitchen sink…or to make dumplings, add to stir fry or as a topping on a veggie burger.

泡菜常見於亞洲國家的日常飲食之中,而我們想為你做的,是真正值得品嚐的泡菜 – 保證不含防腐劑、純素。在裸食私廚我們很推崇醱酵食物,因為它們富含益菌、抗氧化成分、與酵素能幫助消化系統維持活力,泡菜就是這樣的食物。除此之外,泡菜還有助於降低膽固醇與控制血糖。




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