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Pumpkin Spice & Apple Granola 生機蘋果南瓜香料營養穀麥


This granola is made with buckwheat, a gluten-free seed. We sprout the buckwheat over three days so that it releases maximum enzymatic activity which your body receives with every delicious mouthful. After dehydrating it for six hours under 45 degrees Celcius, we combine it with gorgeous Fall and Winter pumpkin pie spices, tart apples, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and date paste. Your body will have no choice but to feel the full joy and benefits of our hand-crafted, preservative-free, gourmet granola.

We suggest enjoying our granola with locally-made non-GMO soymilk or fresh-pressed nut milk. 

這營養穀麥是以不含麩質的蕎麥製成,先經過 3 天發芽,讓蕎麥釋放最高的酵素活力,身體將能從享用的每一口美味穀麥中吸收。接著我們以不超過攝氏45度的低溫脫水乾燥6小時,再加入冬季的溫暖南瓜派香料、軟蘋果乾、葡萄乾、南瓜子、葵花子、椰棗醬。這手工精製、不含防腐劑、香味滿溢的營養穀麥,你的身體將無法抗拒地陷入深深的喜悅與滿滿的活力之中!




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