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Raw Cacao Nibs & Hazelnut Granola 生機可可榛果營養穀麥


Once upon a time, the Mayans and the Aztecs considered raw cacao the pathway to the gods. The power of raw cacao has carried itself into the present day where we revere raw cacao for its life-giving properties. It is one of the best sources magnesium, which, as to be expected from a food-for-the-gods, enhances brain and heart functioning, lifts your emotional state, and elevates your metabolism. Unlike roasted cacao beans used in commercial chocolate production, our raw cacao beans are never roasted. Raw cacao offers a grassy, earthy flavour more than a chocolatey one, and it rewards you with an abundance of magnesium, iron and antioxidants.

We combine our raw, sprouted buckwheat with raw cacao beans, hazelnuts, cranberries, date paste and bananas. All these ingredients contribute towards making an energizing, delicious and satisfying granola that will propel you through your day with a bounce in your step and a smile in your belly.

We suggest enjoying our granola with any fresh-pressed nut milks or locally-made, non-GMO soymilk.


我們選用台灣本地產的可可豆與蕎麥,先將蕎麥經過 2 天的發芽,達到最高的酵素活力,再以手工一顆顆為可可豆去殼;加上祕魯生可可粉、榛果、小紅莓、椰棗醬、亞洲梨。這些成分創造出充滿活力,美味、令人滿足的營養穀麥,讓你一整天步履輕盈胃開眼笑!




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