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熟成紅酒洋 蔥醬 Aged Red Wine Onion Jam

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裸食私廚的發酵堅果乳酪使用腰果和夏威夷豆製成,堅果透過24~48小時處理製作 加入純素益生菌增加消化系統的健康。再來用45°C乾燥48小時 最後再熟成到一個月
The NAKEDFOOD line of cultured tree-nut cheeses are made with a combination of cashews and macadamia. The nuts are processed and left to culture for 24 – 48
hours with vegan-based probiotics for added digestive health. They are then dehydrated for another 48 hours at 45°C after which they are aged for up to a month.

我們的紅酒洋蔥堅果起司醬是一款生機沾醬,先將洋蔥在橄欖油中浸泡24小時並脫水,脫水溫度維持在不超過攝氏45度以保持新鮮洋蔥的風味;當洋蔥脫水軟化後,以椰子糖、紅酒、紅酒醋調味後再次以45度脫水24小時。這堅果起司濃郁、深沉的美味,能令最刁嘴的客人都感到驚艷。Our red wine onion jam is a raw jam. We dehydrate our onions in olive oil for over 24 hours, maintaining a consistent temperature of 45 degrees Celcius which maintains the onions at a state of rawness. After the onions are softened, we “stew” them again at 45 degrees Celcius over another 24 hours with a gastrique of coconut sugar, red wine and red wine vinegar. The rich, deep flavours of this cheese will impress even the most discriminating dinner guest.


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    We’ve been making this red wine onion jam cheese for years and highly recommend it for your wine and canape event, as an appetizer a your next dinner party or as part of your high-energy lunch!

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